14:00 GMT 17th April, 2024 • Webinar

Unlocking the Future:
Innovations Reshaping
IT Infrastructure

In our survey of over 500 key IT decision-makers, we asked the question:
“Do you feel your IT infrastructure will be fit for purpose in two years?”
of our respondents answered that they are
now considering improvements to their IT infrastructure in the next two years.
But why is this?
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Join our Technical Director, Richard Greville and Jenna Reese (CEO Connect Centric) as they discuss the key challenges enterprises face when updating their IT capability and how to overcome them.
Other topics we'll cover include:


New smart system innovations


Regulatory changes influencing IT infrastructure decisions


Issues of cost and investment


The benefits and challenges of cloud migration


Wireless workspaces and the impact of remote work


How to future-proof your IT networks

Our comprehensive session aims to empower guests with the insights to fully understand all of the above issues and more. Wherever you are in your enterprise’s IT journey, our session will provide you with the knowledge you need for more informed decision-making and strategic planning for a more resilient, and robust infrastructure.
What to expect:
• Interactive discussion and Q&A session.
• Access to our Report summarising key results from our survey of over 500 IT decision-makers
• Valuable insights into the latest trends in technology, including what companies are planning to invest in and how they're using AI and automation.
• Learn from your peers' experiences and gain insight into how to best plan for the future.
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