Understanding Opticore's Project & Portfolio Management Practice

Our PPM Practice is our adaptable consulting service that gives our clients access to specialised staff to see projects through. Our unique Practice’s value is that our clients can scale the number of consultants up and down at any time to fit their needs.

Opticore Project Portfolio Management Practice

Why your business needs PMaaS

All businesses are under constant pressure to evolve and improve to maintain or enhance their standing in the market.

Business transformation is an ongoing challenge. Whether those changes are in small iterations or major company-wide initiatives, the success or failure of any given project may well stand or fall on the capability of the appointed team.

Change for change’s sake is not an option. If an area for improvement has been identified and your business case makes sense, it’s vital to get the right team in place.

We pride ourselves in identifying, recruiting and supporting Project Management resources that can deliver. Our track record stands testament to our success in this area. It is more important than ever for businesses to partner with a supplier that understands these challenges and has the capability to support the flexibility that project management requires.

The benefits of an Opticore PPM

Flexible Resources

We flex the resource pool according to your project backlog and the skills required. This includes the ability to deploy resources on a part-time basis.

Fully Certified

Our Project Mangers are also trained and certified at an industry standard. Opticore are aware that IR35 compliance is challenging for clients and therefore will guarantee that all our resources are IR35 compliant.

Site Knowledge

We will gain an understanding of the personnel, processes, systems and culture of our clients and retain and socialise this information to the Opticore Team.

Onboarding Costs

Onboarding new resources can be costly and time-consuming. We will absorb all these costs as part of our service.

Speedy Deployment

Initiating projects is often delayed due to a lack of available and suitably qualified PM resources. We will be able to deploy resources to site rapidly.

Reduced Operational Costs

By outsourcing the project management function our clients can gain operational efficiencies, reduce management overhead and eliminate recruitment costs.

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Opticore’s Project Management Service