Your network is the foundation of your IT world

It’s as fundamental a utility to your business as power and water and as with these other utilities a network managed service will enable you to gain the full benefit of these services.

It’s as important as the lock on your front door. It’s the thing that allows you to communicate with your staff, clients, partners and suppliers. A network can come in many forms, whether it’s the wired and wireless network in your office, the network in your data centre, or the network that connects you to your cloud-based applications.

Managing a network can be challenging and complex. We always assume the network will work correctly, connecting our staff to our applications, each other, and our partners. Without specialist management, networks can perform poorly, fail completely, and allow unauthorised access to a company’s confidential information. This can be costly and exhaust your time and resources.

What does our Network Managed Service do?

Network Managed Service

We monitor and run your data network daily with agreed deliverables and service metrics. Applying industry best practices, we give you a robust, reliable and deterministic network managed by a responsive, proactive and skilled team of Opticore engineers. There are three components to the Network Managed Service.

Our People
Pro-active monitoring by the team of highly skilled and qualified network engineers in our Network Operations Centre (NOC).

Our Platform
Monitoring through our bespoke Opticore Hosted Management Platform (OHMP), maintained and updated by our NOC team.

Our Process
Opticore’s service delivery team follow the best practice principles of the ITIL library to ensure that we offer the excellent service to our clients.

Testimonial : Managed Services Capability

“Here at William Russell, it is vitally important that our network infrastructure is maintained, updated with the latest technologies and patches, and also monitored 24/7. Opticore has provided exactly this to a very high level of efficiency since 2016. Their engineers are highly trained, prompt in responding to service tickets and, efficient.

This is why we have engaged with Opticore for a further 3 years to provide us with that same level of service. We would definitely recommend Opticore to any of our partners.”

Jeff Byfield


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