How Opticore gained ISO 27001 Certification

Due to the ever-changing demands of the Networking industry, Opticore aimed enhance our compliance and cyber security practices to facilitate further growth.

We set about achieving international ISO certification for information security management (ISO 27001) in October 2019.

“Over the past three years we have grown rapidly as a business.

We wanted to put the structures in place to enable us to get to the next level of growth. As an organisation that prides itself on our quality of service, ISO certification provides a stamp of excellence which opens doors to new clients.

Our mission is connecting people and moving data across global corporate networks. We must ensure that we walk the walk and everything we do is done securely.”

Neil Taylor, Managing Director – Opticore

As specialists in cyber security and data privacy, we sought the assistance of Bridewell Consulting. They delivered essential support, project management and audit services around achieving ISO accreditation.

The process involved setting objectives and establishing principles for action concerning information security within our practice. As a result, we identified our requirements, the strategies we had in place, and the specific roadmap we needed to implement from a framework perspective. We used a tried and tested five-phase methodology to obtain the certification as outlined below.

– Scope Design & Planning
– Risk Assessment & Remediation
– ISMS Controls & Risk Mitigation
– Valuation & Preparation
– Certification

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the audits at stages one and two to be conducted online. We were fortunate enough to accelerate the process at the start of the lockdown as we had more time to devote to the project, which was ultimately completed to schedule in September 2020.

Opticore is now competing at a level above or alongside its competitors when it comes to demonstrating its security credentials. We are now looking to constantly improve our security measures and will continue to engage with Bridewell as a partner to regularly assess our security capability, with the next goal being to achieve the UK official, Cyber Essentials certification.

Re-certification 2022

We’ve passed our ISO 27001 audit with flying colours for the third year running. At Opticore, we take information security very seriously, and the structure provided by ISO 27001 certification is a key piece of the puzzle for us. We were particularly pleased with the auditor’s comments on how ingrained information security was within our company culture as this is something that we have been working hard on for the last couple of years.

Roll on the next year!

Bridewell Consulting

“We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bridewell’s services.

The project went smoothly, and we received the certification with flying colours. Our relationship with Bridewell has been tremendous and, it feels like part of our team. They guided us gently through the process and always kept us on track.

Having a sounding board with its security expertise is invaluable, and I can’t speak of Bridewell highly enough.”

Neil Taylor, Managing Director – Opticore