Open-Source Netbox Plugin – Nornir

Open-Source Netbox Plugin – Nornir

Netbox Nornir: A Bridge for Network Automation Solutions

In the realm of network management and automation, a variety of tools offer powerful capabilities. One such tool is the Netbox Nornir plugin, an application developed for Netbox by OpticoreIT. The Netbox Nornir plugin acts as a base for network automation solutions, providing a bridge between Netbox and Nornir functionalities.

Main Features

The plugin delivers on three key functionalities:

  • Nornir inventory for Netbox ORM: By integrating Nornir’s inventory management capabilities with Netbox’s object-relational mapping (ORM), the plugin allows for seamless management of network resources.
  • Generic credentials integrations: The plugin supports the integration of various authentication credentials, facilitating secure access and communication within the network.
  • Generic data collection from different device types: With this feature, the plugin can collect data from various types of network devices, providing a comprehensive view of the network’s status and performance.

Benefits of Using the Netbox Nornir Plugin

There are several substantial benefits for network engineers and teams:

  • Pre-written Device Data Collection: This plugin comes with pre-written device data collection capabilities. This means engineers can devote their time and efforts to the logic and functionality of their applications, rather than getting bogged down with the nitty-gritty of information gathering and parsing. This benefit significantly boosts productivity and efficiency in network management tasks.
  • Normalized Data Across Multiple Device Types: A standout feature of the plugin is its ability to fetch the same normalized data from various device types. This feature ensures consistency in the data you work with, irrespective of the device type, making data handling and analysis much more straightforward and reliable.
  • Extensibility: Lastly, the plugin’s extensibility sets it apart. Users have the freedom to create their own custom drivers for different device types and integrate their own credential systems. This extensibility provides users with a high degree of customization and flexibility, allowing them to tailor the plugin to their specific needs and operational context.

The plugin not only integrates Netbox and Nornir’s capabilities but also extends this functionality with its pre-written data collection, normalized data return, and extensibility, making it a powerful tool for network automation.

Getting Started

To start using the Netbox Nornir plugin, it can be installed with pip:

pip install netbox-nornir

This command will install the package in your Python environment, enabling you to start leveraging its capabilities.


Whether you are looking to streamline your network operations or step into the world of network automation, the Netbox Nornir plugin offers a valuable tool. With its easy installation and range of functions, it’s an excellent choice for network professionals seeking to enhance their Netbox experience.


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